Cloud Rush’s Company Profile and Future Development

Cloud Rush’s Business Profile and Future Plans

Cloud Rush’s Company Profile and Future Development in the USA is a blooming Blockchain technology industry with many different components.

When investing in a company, publicly or privately, it’s important to understand the company’s background, achievements, development strategy and future roadmap.
This is especially the case with start-ups. Investors require a clear understanding of the company’s current and projected value, future goals, and a timeline demonstrating how they will meet these goals.

Cloud Rush, a start-up launched in 2020 that provides cryptocurrency mining services and digital currency consultation services, has a solid background and financial backing with a clear roadmap and goals.

Cloud Rush Company Background

Cloud Rush officially launched in Singapore last year, and established its headquarters near Los Angeles in 2021, along with operation centers in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The company is backed financially by Singapore’s CR Capital Foundation, a blockchain investment company. The company’s CEO, Bruce Li, is an entrepreneur with substantial experience in the traditional financial industry. He founded two successful companies – in the ecommerce and biotechnology sectors – in the span of three years between 2015-18. Since 2017, Li has been a pioneer and investor in the cryptocurrency industry.

What are Cloud Rush’s services?

Cryptocurrency is a blooming technology industry with many different components. One of the most important and foundational elements of crypto, aside from the blockchain technology that leverages cryptology, is the mining of cryptocurrencies.

“Mining” is a term that refers to the way in which transactions on the blockchain digital ledger are updated and validated, which adds new blocks of information to the chain. Such work is rewarded with tokens of the blockchain’s digital currency (i.e., cryptocurrency).

There are many different ways to mine cryptocurrencies, depending on the type of blockchain, its consensus mechanism, and its hardware requirements. Cloud Rush is devoted to mining Filecoin, a blockchain utilizing a distributed file system called the IPFS, with the goal of allowing anyone anywhere to store and access files privately and autonomously on the cloud at low cost – a value proposition that centralized cloud storage providers (which currently dominate the market) do not have.

Since the companies’ launch in 2020, Cloud Rush’s mining pool achieved an excellent rating in the low 600s out of Filecoin 3,300 miners, making them one of the highest achievers in the Filecoin network. Any individual or company can join Cloud Rush’s mining pool by purchasing one of Cloud Rush’s many mining packages. Cloud Rush, as a mining facilitator, offers industry-leading Filecoin mining hardware and hosting services at competitive prices to allow anyone to join in the cryptocurrency “gold rush”.

Cloud Rush also receives a share of commission on Filecoin rewards, as well as a monthly fee for hosting mining storage hardware at Cloud Rush’s partnered Internet Data Center, Cyxtera.

As the “one-stop-shop” for Filecoin mining, Cloud Rush offers comprehensive sales packages from storage and mining hardware, operations, maintenance, post-sales services, and apps.

In addition, the company is located in crypto-friendly California, which has favorable mining policies and abundant energy resources, thus minimizing risks for the company and miners.

Cloud Rush’s future roadmap

Cloud Rush aims to position itself as the go-to company offering mining-as-a-service (MaaS) for the Filecoin ecosystem. Although just a young company, Cloud Rush already manages one of the largest mining pools on the Filecoin network. The company is growing; moving to the US and partnering with a large data center like Cyxtera will further enable them to accelerate their mining operations and bolster the Filecoin ecosystem.

Ultimately, Cloud Rush sees great investment potential in the Filecoin ecosystem, and is setting itself up to be one of the biggest players driving the cryptocurrency’s success and adoption while allowing miners to reap substantial profits from anywhere in the world.

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