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Security Analysis of Filecoin Mining

Filecoin mining with Cloud Rush USA differs from BTC mining in that the latter requires mining rigs to have extremely high computing power, whereas Filecoin mining is about contributing one’s own storage space.
If you’re wondering whether it’s safe for Filecoin mining with Cloud Rush, this article will be a brief security analysis of the company and its related risks.

To state the obvious, any investment entails some risk. Cryptocurrency in particular is known for its volatile price swings, regularly dropping and rising over 10% in a day.
However, with great risk comes the possibility for great rewards. Just imagine if you were able to get in on Bitcoin back in its early days! But this begs the question: What is the best way to invest? Should you buy or mine? This depends on your preferences.

Mining cryptocurrencies versus purchasing them on an exchange is sometimes a preferable method of investing in the space because of its safety net. Depending on how much it costs to mine your currency, you can often still make substantial profits even if the currency you are mining drops in price. This is because the cost of mining is often cheaper than the market price, which is known as the profit margin.

If you’ve decided you want to mine with the help of a mining facilitator like Cloud Rush, there are a few things you should know.
With Filecoin Mining of Cloud Rush Usa, the majority of the risk is dependent on the success of Filecoin.

Risk and Rewards of Filecoin Mining of Cloud Rush USA

Filecoin is a decentralized digital file storage network built on the IPFS (Interplanetary Filing System). It aims to disrupt the digital storage industry and allow for digital file storage and access from any location securely, privately, and efficiently.
Filecoin, which raised $257 million in its ICO, is one of the most promising crypto projects on the market. Ranked 32 in market capitalization, Filecoin is unique in that it offers a tangible product – digital storage space – which can be quantified and has immediate utility.
By 2025, experts have forecasted that the price of FIL could potentially reach $1,000. If you doubt this projection and think they have rose colored glasses, mining FIL could help offset risk even further, as the price to mine Filecoin is currently hovering around $19 dollars, while the FIL market price sits at $51 at the time of writing – providing a substantial margin and safety net.

In order to become an efficient data storage provider on the network, you need to own sufficient hard drive space and have the technical knowledge to work out Filecoin’s Lotus Miner software, which can be quite complicated. Lotus Miner software is open-source and shared on Github. Mining Filecoin correctly and efficiently will allow you to thus make profits off of storage fees and increase your chance of winning block rewards.
This is where mining with a facilitator like Cloud Rush comes in handy, as Filecoin Mining of Cloud Rush Usa offers the best mining equipment on the market at a range of storage capacities and prices. The company also helps set up and host your mining equipment at a leading data center to ensure 24/7 network connection.

As a warning, the mining-as-a-service industry is notable for a history of scams, from Ponzi schemes to multilayered marketing (MLM) scams, mostly preying on unwitting novices.

Is Cloud Rush a scam?

Cloud Rush USA is not a scam. Unlike many illegitimate companies in this sector that offer “hashing power” from computers they own – which is effectively not providing anything and just pocketing your money and promising to give some back to you – Cloud Rush actually offers concrete hard drive space (and even the entire machine depending on the plan you purchase).
Cloud Rush USA profits through the sale of their hardware in addition to a small hosting fee. They are also a transparent company with 24- hour customer service and 1-1 sales consultations.
Cloud Rush even offers clients a real-life tour of its data centers where they will be installing and running your machines. The southern California mining facilitator partners with Cyxtera, one of the leading Internet data centers in the United States.
The infrastructure and hosting capabilities at Cyxtera are top-of-the-line, with 24/7 technician maintenance, proper temperature regulation, and extremely reliable power sources and Internet connectivity.

For further protection, Cloud Rush offers three-year warranties on their machines. Additionally, in the event that the market takes a downturn and a client loses money on their investment, Cloud Rush offers back-up investment and mining plans to make up for the losses as quickly as possible.
The difference between Cloud Rush and other mining facilitators is that Cloud Rush succeeds when their miners succeed. Cloud Rush aims to be the one-stop-shop for mining Filecoin. As a major Filecoin digital storage service provider, the company depends on the health of the Filecoin ecosystem, which is ultimately dependent on the satisfaction of its data providers. Therefore, Cloud Rush needs data providers – it needs you! Now that we’ve covered the risks and safety profile of Filecoin and Cloud Rush, let’s briefly go over the risks inherent in the cryptocurrency industry.

What about crypto policies and regulations? We know cryptocurrencies are subject to volatile price action. A looming anxiety for many in the industry is the threat of anti-crypto polices and regulations. Cryptocurrency regulations have a significant impact on investment in the space.
Just this year, China cracked down on trading and mining crypto, which stunned the market. As of writing, Biden’s new infrastructure bill with its crypto tax policies and not-so-feasible requirements for transparency and the identity of crypto investors, is currently causing a scare in the market, giving the bears a temporary advantage.
Investor sentiment often changes as a result of changes in social and environmental consciousness as well. After Elon Musk’s Tweets about Bitcoin’s high electricity use, the currency suffered a steep decline.

Fortunately, the crypto industry is becoming more diversified with a wide variety of blockchains with unique protocols and utility.

How Cloud Rush manages policy-related risk

Investors and miners can seek shelter from the unpredictability of crypto regulations by finding a geographic crypto “safe haven,” or a location with crypto-friendly policies, politicians, and a free market setting with generally de-regulated industries.

The United States historically is a great place for business, with the largest economy in the world and a tendency towards free market protection. Following the crypto crackdown in China, a wave of “migrant” miners left China for greener pastures, including the U.S., which is now the “hash power” leader in Bitcoin mining.

Cloud Rush, based in California, is happy with the state’s cryptocurrency policies. Since Filecoin is environmentally friendly and not reliant on enormous amounts electricity like PoW blockchains, it’s easy to open Filecoin storage centers in the state without any penalties.

Cloud Rush, which launched in 2020, is a fairly new company and we are excited about its future. We eventually hope to go public down the line as well, with our main goal of breaking open the mining industry to laypersons and allowing anyone to join in the digital gold rush.

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